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Dental Implants

NYC Dental Implants Serving Manhattan & New York, NY

The experts at Thyme Dental Care NYC have seen over the years that dental implants generally improve the quality of life of their patients in Manhattan NYC. Dental implants can help in improving the overall health of patients and on top of that, they help increase confidence in individuals.

Dental implants are installed in place of weak or missing teeth and they provide a multitude of benefits. After you suffer a tooth loss, your dental implants make sure that the bone structure integrity is maintained. It prevents your bones from deformation.  With dental implants, you do not need any bridges, as they themselves take care of adjacent teeth and their stability. Dental implants have a distinct advantage over dentures, which are known to be loosely fitted. With dental implants, the force of chewing your food is distributed evenly throughout your mouth. They also have characteristics in terms of functionality like natural teeth. Hence there is no known discomfort or feeling of alienation with implants inside the mouth. The implants help in the prevention of jaw collapse and shrinkage and thus improve your facial appearance drastically. This also improves your ability to speak which is greatly inhibited by dentures and their bulky structure.

Why choose Dental Implants?

Loss of a tooth is never a great feeling; rather it makes you feel devastated. It takes a toll on you emotionally and affects your looks as well. Not only this, but it may also cause health hazards and takes away your confidence and smile. Therefore when you lose a tooth, it is very important that you fill the void with dental implants as promptly as possible. Delaying this can be a trigger for catastrophic consequences which include

  • Problems of jaw joints
  • Shrinkage of gums and Loss of bone
  • Drifting and shifting of teeth
  • Stress on the remaining teeth inside your mouth
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Alteration in biting because of teeth shifting

Patient Testimonial

“I first encountered Thyme Dental Care over a holiday weekend when I had chipped one of my teeth. I was nervous that I would have a difficult time getting it fixed since many dental offices were closed. I’m glad I settled on this place – the staff were courteous, friendly, and efficient. Dr. Andrew Flores took the time to explain the options for repair that were available to me before I was charged a dime. He guaranteed the tooth repair for a year which allows me to come back in free of charge if anything happens to the fixed tooth. I’ve now been to both their Midtown and Upper East Side locations and I really appreciate how convenient their locations are. Not only will you receive quality dental care here, but you’ll encounter a friendly and knowledgeable dentist and dental staff who care just as much about your patient experience as they do your dental needs.”

Bridges vs. Implants – (Pros and Cons)

Many patients across the world have clearly chosen dental implants over dental bridges. This choice is because of the distinct advantages that the implants offer over conventional bridges or dentures. Before the development of dental implant technique, the dentists used the traditional tooth supported bridges or removable type of dentures to replace missing teeth of patients.

While installation of dental bridges, the healthy structure of your tooth requires to be grounded. In addition to this, the neighboring teeth have to be reshaped. In this way, the neighboring teeth act as a support for anchoring the new bridge inside your mouth.

When the bone and gums start to pull away from the teeth which are supporting the bridge, dark shadows will start to appear around your bridge. This will destroy your smile and make it look aesthetically unappealing. These dark shadows will make you think twice before you smile and as a result of this, your confidence is shaken to a great extent. An additional risk is also associated with the bridges, as the pressure which they exert on the supporting teeth could open a gap between your natural teeth and the bridge. This will provide an atmosphere for the leakage of bacteria and cause decay in your dental roots. If the condition of this decay worsens you might have to resort to root canal to stop further deterioration. In addition to all this, the bridges which connect three or more teeth together usually make flossing impossible for some patients.

What do we mean by Dental Implants?

Putting it briefly, the dental implants are a biocompatible replacement of the anchoring roots of teeth. The dental implants replace a missing tooth by mimicking nature as closely as it could possibly get.  

At Thyme Dental Care in Manhattan NYC, the dental implant restorations constitute of three parts:

  • Implant porcelain crown
  • Implant abutment
  • Titanium bone integrated implant

Preferred Brands of Dental Implants

When you search through the market, you will come to know that there are hundreds of companies which deal with dental implants. Each and every company has their own benefits. Several dental experts have experienced that Straumann implant system has an amazing track record of success and the patients have reported least amount of complaints with their dental implants. They prove to be aesthetically attractive and have suave functionality as well.

Straumann implant system has a well-organized research system which dates back to more than two decades of clinical research and has produced a whopping number of scientific publications which can be counted to more than 3000 research papers. Straumann offers clinically validated and extensively documented dental implant system to the market. Dr. Lee and Dr. Flores of Thyme Dental Care NYC, with all their experience and expertise coupled with Straumann Implants could provide you with a flawless dental implant system in your mouth which will be aesthetically as per your desire and will give you a long-term solution to your dental woes with the success rate of nearly cent percent.

The process of dental implant placement

The dentists categorize the dental implant placement process in the following stages:


  • The Planning Stage: This stage can be considered the most important part of the whole process. All the experienced dentists around the world and especially at Thyme Dental Care, give special attention to the planning process. A well thought out plan can prove to be the difference between the success and failure of your implant placement. Dentists sometimes need specialized imaging to see the bone condition and require three-dimensional viewing to plan for proper placement.
  • Placement Stage: After planning the process, your dentist will perform the placement of your dental implant in the ideal spot and leave it, so that the gum tissue is formed around the implant.
  • Healing Stage: During the healing stage, the bone around your implant will grow and surround your implant while integrating with it and forming a bond in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Temporary Implant Restoration: If your implant is in a visible area, your dentist might opt for a temporary restoration which would solve your aesthetic woes while your implant site is healing and waiting for the bone to grow around it.
  • Placement of Abutment: Once the healing process is complete we move on to the next stage which is known as abutment placement. In this process, the dental implant abutment is placed by your dentist to connect your dental implant with the porcelain crown.
  • The Porcelain Crown: the ceramist will fabricate a new porcelain crown to match the exact specifications as per your requirement and your dentist will bond the crown to the abutment.



Who can get Dental Implants?

Anyone who is the victim of a fallen tooth can be a candidate for dental implants. Age does not matter; you can be young or old, this process of dental implant placement suits for all. However, people in their early teens are not advised to get dental implants since their facial and dental bones are not fully mature. Dentists say that the best time for the placement of a dental implant is right after your tooth extraction.

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