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Teeth Whitening

NYC Teeth Whitening Serving Manhattan & New York, NY

Getting stains on your teeth is inevitable. The common reasons for these stains are aging, smoking, food or wine. Regardless of the reason, most people have to experience discoloration of their teeth at some point in their life. If you are the victim of teeth discoloration, you don’t have to worry a bit because our professional experts at Thyme Dental Care NYC can guide you through simple steps which can prevent further staining on your teeth and apply professional techniques to erase these stains, thus giving you a beautiful and confident smile.

Among all the cosmetic dentistry procedures professional teeth whitening can be considered as the most commonly performed technique around the world. The popularity of this procedure has very good reasons behind it as it is much more comfortable, effective, safer and less aggravating than getting your teeth whitened with a store-bought whitening kit. If your teeth are stained and discolored and it is making you feel uncomfortable and their appearance is shaking your confidence, the experts at Thyme Dental Care NYC would be very happy to discuss teeth whitening options with you during your next visit to our dental office in Manhattan.

Do not procrastinate and schedule a consultation with our dentists at Thyme Dental Care NYC to get an easy solution for your tooth discoloration woes. Our team is more than welcome to teeth whitening patients of New York City and its surrounding areas.

Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Flores and Dr. Lee are wonderful dentists! They both took time to hear out the concerns I have with my smile and addressed them with kindness and thoroughness. Never once did they make me feel bad, even when I had quite a few cavities. The quality of their work is top notch, and you can’t even tell which teeth have the fillings. Highly recommend!”

Different Types of Tooth Stains

The stains on teeth are broadly classified in two categories:

  • Extrinsic (Stains above the enamel)
  • Intrinsic (Stains below the enamel)

The extrinsic stains are a result of the lifestyle choices of an individual which include consumption of sodas, soft drinks, dark-colored foods and beverages, use of tobacco, inadequate brushing of teeth and infrequent dental visits. But under most of the circumstances, the stains on the surface can be lightened or removed through professional tooth whitening. Topical bleaching can help you get rid of most of these stains.

You are advised to maintain a strong oral hygiene routing on daily basis, in this way you can remove the surface tooth stains before they stick to your teeth permanently. However, habits of consuming sodas, tobacco or coffee on regular basis may render your at-home efforts ineffective. Smoking, in general, is dangerous for your health; it casts a negative impact not only on your teeth but also to the health of your mouth and your lungs as well. Smokers are at risk of getting oral cancer and other gum diseases. They are also prone to getting relentless halitosis, chronic dry mouth, and tooth decay. Therefore our dentists cannot stress more about the importance of quitting your cigarettes.

The other type of stains known as intrinsic stains is a result of the aging process. There are other causes of these stains which include external factors such as fluorosis i.e. excessive fluoride in water. Mouthwashes containing cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine are also a reason for stains. In addition to this high quantity of doxycycline and tetracycline in water also causes intrinsic stains. Since these stains are located under the tooth enamel they may not respond to conventional topical bleaching.

Thyme Dental Care at NYC can provide a solution to deep stains (stains that are beneath the enamel of teeth). General tooth whitening techniques are used initially to remove these stains but if the stains are significant enough to withstand this treatment our expert dentists will provide you with the option of choosing other cosmetic dentistry procedures. The best possible way to get rid of these stains can be discussed with Dr. Lee and Dr. Flores of Thyme Dental Care NYC, so you must schedule your appointment with them if you are suffering from stained teeth.

Options for teeth whitening

At Thyme Dental Care NYC, both in-office and take-home options for tooth whitening are provided by our experts, depending upon the condition and aspiration of the patient.


  • Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening: Our cosmetic dentists choose Zoom! As a safe and effective form of in-office laser whitening treatment. This treatment brightens your teeth to a great extent in just one visit. During one hour, the in-office tooth whitening has the ability to lighten up your teeth up to ten shades. This can be considered an amazing output. In this treatment a bleaching solution is applied to the teeth and assistance is taken from specially designed trays. Once your dentist sets the trays in place, the solution is heated with the help of a laser. Consequently, the molecules of oxygen are activated which have the ability to penetrate in the enamel and remove the stains that are plaguing your teeth. There is another in-office whitening method in which a laser is not used. In this technique, a bleaching solution is used to dissolve the extrinsic stains on your teeth. This procedure may well be effective in some cases where discoloration is more pronounced. Zoom! Laser teeth whitening is very effective, in fact, it is much more effective than teeth whitening without laser assistance. With laser in-office technique you are sure to get immediate results. Topical bleaching technique can make your teeth sensitive and can cause irritation in gums but the laser technique is much safer and you do not have to worry about the aforementioned problems.  
  • Customized Take-home Whitening Kits: There are some patients who prefer teeth whitening in privacy and comfort of their homes. For these type of patients, Dr. Lee and Dr. Flores of Thyme Dental Care NYC offer customized take-home whitening kits. The advantage of this technique is that it has customized application trays which have the ability to hug the natural grooves and contours of your teeth and hence enables the enamel to get whitened uniformly and consistently. Our experts mold these trays according to the exact models of your own natural teeth. This reduced the risk of gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. The store bought kits do not provide you this advantage. With take-home kits, you will have to wait from three to four weeks to see the whitening results get distinct. These kits also have the capacity to lighten up your teeth by many shades and that too in the comfort zone of your own cozy house. When you have opted for Zoom! Treatment, our experts advise you to take a customized take-home whitening kit as well. This can multiply the results of your teeth whitening.



Maintaining your Teeth Whitening Results

Dr. Lee and Dr. Flores and their team at Thyme Dental Care NYC have designed their teeth whitening programs to give long-lasting results to their patients. After the whitening treatment, you will have to take care of your teeth so that the results can last for a longer period of time. Regardless of the proficiency of your dentist and the quality of whitening work he has applied to your teeth, if you do not take proper precautions to protect your whitening the results will fade away.

Fortunately enough, maintaining your teeth whitening results is fairly easy. In most of the cases, you will not be required to make too many adjustments in your daily oral hygiene routine to secure your teeth whitening. By following the below-mentioned steps you can keep your teeth beautiful and bright:

  • Do not smoke! It is injurious to health. The nicotine in it is harmful to your teeth whitening. Chewing tobacco and other things having nicotine can also cast a negative impact on your whitening so avoid it as well.
  • Drinking fizzy and carbonated drinks like sodas and other sports drinks should also be avoided.
  • Reducing the consumption of dark-colored foods like sauces and berries can also help.
  • Mitigate the use of red wine, tea, and coffee.
  • Wash away the stain causing agents with foods that are known to stimulate the saliva production. Some of these foods include strawberries, carrots, celery, apples, and pears.
  • After having each meal swish water in your mouth so that foods that cause stains do not stick to your teeth.

In spite of all these steps, you must brush your teeth after every snack and meal with a soft toothbrush and an abrasive toothpaste. There are some types of toothpaste which damage and scratch dental restorations. Our dentists at Thyme Dental Care NYC offer a water-based toothpaste which has a gentle feel and it neutralizes any harmful acids, restores the mineral contents which are lost and whitens the teeth in a gentle manner without abrasive. Our experts will be very happy to discuss all these issues with you when you visit them for your teeth whitening consultation.

When you keep good dental hygiene and maintain it over a period of time, it helps you to keep your teeth white and free of stains. Having proper cleaning habits of your teeth will remove the bacteria which causes cavities and food debris which is the reason for yellowing of teeth. Another important aspect of good oral hygiene is that you consult with your dentist at least twice a year and ask him for proper examination and cleaning of your teeth. Dr. Lee and Dr. Flores will help you in maintaining your teeth whitening output by gently polishing your teeth and removing the stains on the surface. If you have not visited your dentist since the last six months you must not delay and contact Thyme Dental Care NYC for an appointment.

Tooth Cleaning Candidates

People who have stains on their teeth are ideal candidates for teeth whitening. However, discolored or stained teeth are not the only things to consider. Other factors include:

  • Free of tooth infection, tooth decay, and gum disease
  • Unhappy with the appearance of your smile
  • Willing to follow the steps for maintaining your tooth whitening results.

After you undergo your teeth whitening program the beauty of your smile will be enhanced manifold and it will be a boost to your confidence. With this, your confidence level goes up and you can get socially active.

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