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Implant Restorations

Dental Implants in Midtown & the Upper East Side, NYC

It is important for you to know that if you are facing any problems with your dental implants you must not waste any time and schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee and Dr. Flores of Thyme Dental Care NYC. They will examine your dental implant and diagnose the problem right away. If you delay your consultation with experts and try to diagnose the problem yourself, you might have to face further dental problems. The experts at Thyme Dental Clinic will let you know the best plan to follow for dental implant restoration.  

Dental implants are generally very reliable and problems with them happen very rarely. This is the reason that Thyme Dental Care recommends dental implants for your dental problems as their success rate is very high.

The most common problem with dental implants is their loosening. The other commonly occurring issue is that the crown could fall off after cracking, but as stated earlier these problems seldom occur. Even if these problems do come your way they are manageable and your implant can be easily restored.

Patient Testimonial

“I’ve never felt more comfortable in the dental chair than with Dr. Flores. He clearly explained where my jaw pain was coming from, and calmly addressed all of my concerns before working in my mouth. He worked fast, with constant concern for my comfort. Highly recommend!”

Beest dental implants

In rare cases the dental implants tend to get loose. If they get lose it might be due to the fact that osseointegration didn’t take place properly. Osseointegration is a process in which the titanium implant fuses and forms a bond with actual jawbone. The body will deposit your bone around the implant in due course of time, which can take several months, and consequently secure your implant in a similar fashion in which it secures the root of a natural tooth. If this process does not complete properly then there are chances of loosening of your implant. In addition to this if your jawbone is strong and dense your implant will remain stable. Infections in your gums are a reason for bone deterioration which could also lead to loosening of implants. Therefore it is important that you contact your dentist, preferable at Thyme Dental Care Midtown and the Upper East Side in NYC, as soon as you develop any infection or any other problem inside your gums that could cause toothache etc. In this way you will be able to save your implant and enhance its life. Self-diagnosis in problems related to implants is like a crime, because the implant will not tighten on its own and in the process of fiddling with it you can damage your bone or gums.  

Repairing a dental Implant

There are various methods of repairing a damaged implant. If your titanium post has not loosened and the dental crown is cracked it can be restored without meddling with the actual implant. The crack or chip can be repaired by your dentist easily and without removing the crown. The experts at Thyme Dental Care will make sure that you get the easiest way out from your problem. The least invasive solution is generally the easiest one and our experts with years of experience and are all well versed with all the techniques and solutions to keep your implant restoration as simple as possible. Even if your crown needs a replacement, you don’t have to worry because our lab is well equipped to create a new crown for you and attach it with the abutment on the implant.

You might feel a little concerned if your actual implant falls off. The restoration in this case generally takes four steps. Initially, your dental surgeon will fully remove it in a surgical procedure. Then he will examine the condition of your bone and perform a bone graft if we deem it is necessary. If your implant has loosened because of lack of bone density around it, then your dentist will take remedial measures for the bone to grow around the implant otherwise the dental implant will always stay weak and your problem will persist.

If there is just a crack or fracture in the tooth portion of your implant, it can easily be repaired with the help of a bonding material which is easily available at dental clinics. Upon examination, if the dentist considers your condition dire enough, he may prescribe a crown replacement as well.

Replacing a dental implant

You will need to replace your implant if it has loosened. For this purpose the general protocol demands removing it at first and then cleaning the area thoroughly. After cleaning a bone graft procedure is performed and then it is given ample time to heal. Once the healing process is complete, the new implant can be installed.

The dental implant removal requires a surgical procedure which is often performed with the patient put under the influence of anesthesia. The other vital precaution is that the bone may be given proper time to heal after bone graft surgery. During the healing process the patient experiences swelling and discomfort in gums. This soreness can be neutralized with the help of pain-killers and applying an ice pack to the problematic area. While recovering from bone graft surgery, you must take care of the fact that application of pressure on the grafted area will make it worse. You must take special care while chewing your food, that you keep your grafted area inside your mouth safe. The recovery phase from a bone graft surgery usually spans over a period of nine months. Only after you have fully recovered from your bone graft surgery, will your dentist allow you to go through the implant replacement procedure.

Reliability of Dental Implants

The dental implants are very reliable and have a success rate of about 99 percent. The failure of implants is usually triggered by any accident or carelessness. The trick of elongating the life of your implant is to get periodic check-ups from your

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