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Composite Fillings

Tooth Colored Cosmetic Fillings Midtown & the Upper East Side, NYC

Dental fillings have become very common over the years. Many types of materials, such as amalgam and gold can be used for fillings. Nowadays, composite resins, or tooth-colored fillings are a popular choice if you want to give your teeth a natural color and look. Composite fillings offer good resistance and durability to compress small- to mid-size fillings inside the teeth that require to tolerate constant moderate pressure acquired by the continuous stress of chewing.

In addition to being used for the restoration of decayed teeth, composites may also be used for stained, worn down, broken or cracked teeth. They can be used both on back or front teeth and is the first choice for people who demand more natural fillings. The cost of the composites is more than amalgam and is not covered by most of the insurance plans. Secondly, dental fillings do not last forever, whether traditional or composite. It has been reported that composite fillings can be less durable and required to be replaced frequently as compared to the amalgam fillings. 

Composite filling requires more time to be placed than a metal filling, mainly because composite fillings need a clean and dry tooth to be filled in. Due to the cosmetic appeal, tooth-colored composite fillings are in higher demand than gold or amalgam fillings. People desire to have fillings that blend with the natural color of their teeth due to our society always focusing more on a white and bright smile. Paradoxically, no dental filling is the best dental filling, so prevention is the best medicine. If you want to greatly reduce the risk of cavities and other dental diseases, follow the rules below:

  • Visiting the dentist regularly
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Flossing daily


Patient Testimonial

“I first encountered Thyme Dental Care over a holiday weekend when I had chipped one of my teeth. I was nervous that I would have a difficult time getting it fixed since many dental offices were closed. I’m glad I settled on this place – the staff were courteous, friendly, and efficient. Dr. Andrew Flores took the time to explain the options for repair that were available to me before I was charged a dime. He guaranteed the tooth repair for a year which allows me to come back in free of charge if anything happens to the fixed tooth. I’ve now been to both their Midtown and Upper East Side locations and I really appreciate how convenient their locations are. Not only will you receive quality dental care here, but you’ll encounter a friendly and knowledgeable dentist and dental staff who care just as much about your patient experience as they do your dental needs.”

Tooth colored filling material

  • Composite resin can help strengthen your teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings keep your smile looking healthy and bright.
  • More of your tooth can be preserved by the dentist with a composite filling
  • Composite fillings do not comprise of mercury.
  • Composite does not change shape

Tooth colored resin filling

The composite can better support the weakened structure of your tooth due to the adherence property that allows it to adhere directly inside your tooth. The bond between amalgam and your tooth is not strong.

Tooth-colored fillings keep your smile looking healthy and bright.

Some of the major benefits of composite fillings include the aesthetic effects. Metal restorations will be sooner or later revealed through your teeth. On the contrary, although not permanently, yet composite resin restorations will look natural for a very long time.

More of your tooth can be preserved by the dentist with a composite filling

Metal restoration requires a lot of reshaping of the tooth as compared to composite fillings which instantly form bonds with the walls of the teeth.

Composite fillings do not comprise of mercury.

Mercury has been considered a dangerous metal and is known to be associated with infertility, high blood pressure and memory loss. Mercury is reported to be especially detrimental to pregnant women. Minor amounts of mercury are found in silver amalgam. According to the scientists, mercury in dental restorations is not enough to be harmful, but it is better not to take any risk and use composite fillings instead.

Average cost of a tooth colored filling

Metal will either expand or contract when exposed to significant temperature variations, leading to the weakening of the tooth. Composite remains stable in these conditions.

If you want to brighten your smile with composite tooth-colored fillings, schedule your consultation today with dentists, Dr. Lee and Dr. Flores at Thyme Dental Care in Midtown and the Upper East Side of New York City! We will review the pricing with you during your appointment. 

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